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zadanie z anglika na jutro ! HELP


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zadanie z anglika dla siostrzenca :


1) match the games words witch their definitions


software    board games      draughts   stylus   pack of cards


a) a board game witch black and white squares

b) games programs that you buy for computer

c) this include the four suits of hearts,clubs,spades and diamonds

d) games that are usually played on a board using dice and counters

e) it looks like a pen and you use it to control games on the computer


2. circle the correct alternatives

a- the keyboard/mouse is used for typing

b- if you want to make copies of the work you do on you computer you need a printer/screen


3. complete the table witch the comparative and superlative form of the adjectives


adjective                  comparative                 superlative







4.complete the sentences with comparatiwe of superlative form of the adjective


a- people in small towns are sometimes ________(friendly) than people in big cities

b - he always cleans his bedroom. he's________(tidy) boy i know !
c- going to a party is_________(exciting) than going to school

d- harry got top marks in the english test. he's_______(good) students !

e- i don't like maths . i think it is ________(difficult) subject 

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a - draughts 

b - software 

c - pack of cards

d - board games

e - stylus







easy - easier - the easiest

small - smaller - the smallest

boring - more boaring - the most boring (nie jestem tego pewien)

good - better - the best

bad - worse - the worst



a - more friendly

b - the tidiest

c - more exciting

d - one of the best 

e - the most difficult



jak chesz też słowo wytłumaczenia to napisz :)

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